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HR should give a warm welcome to the new employee to reduce any nervousness that they may be feeling, to set the tone for a successful collaboration, to make them comfortable on the first day of job and help them while they are trying to adapt the company culture.

What to prepare one day in advance before orientation day?

Prepare a proper room for orientation. If your company policy has something that needs to be signed, print out the documents or prepare the necessary documents. Also prepare a checklist which you will need to ask from new employee such as photos, National ID card, NSSF, passport number etc.  

What to prepare for the new employee?

  • Double check HR received the signed offer letter from the new employee
  • Review of the company organization chart and edit as necessary and prepare the team organization chart for the new employee to give them an easier understanding of the reporting line etc.
  • To email or print out the employee handbook and prepare the employment contract.
  • A nameplate, employee ID card and building access card (if necessary)
  • Necessary office equipment including laptop, phone, sim card etc.
  • Schedule training on the new employee’s specific role
  • Creating or setting up the proper company related accounts such as email.

What to explain?

  • Company policy
  • Company software and tools that the new employee will have to use
  • Internal chat system
  • Company mission, functions, and culture
  • Beneficial plan
  • Overtime policy
  • Expense claim policy
  • Transportation policy

Human Resources and Hiring Manager also should

  • Prepare gift, welcoming letter, or email for the new employee
  • Send a new employee introduction email to all the company’s employees, or if a large organization to the department or team
  • Introduce the new employee to the team in person
  • Schedule a lunch with the Hiring Manager or a team lunch out
  • Give them an office tour
  • Help them to set goal during their probation period

If the mentioned tips and checklists are able to be followed, the orientation process will be smoother and will also help while the employee is trying to adapt with the company culture and daily tasks.

Hsu Yee Lin

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