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Why We Are The Best

CP&O® is the leading payroll services and outsourced staffing company with the most customizable HR solutions in Cambodia. Backed by years of real-world experience, our solutions are created to tackle the practical problems of the industry and include complete PEO arrangements, individual offerings around payroll, compliance, HR services, risk management, and employee benefits and administration.

Our professionals ensure your organization operates as efficiently as possible and its growth initiatives and goals are accomplished in Cambodia, one of Asia’s fastest growing business landscapes.

Business continuity, and employee satisfaction, are our professional promises to your organization. Our core values of responsibility and attention to detail are reflected in every service we provide to simplify your HR matters while reducing administrative costs, improving productivity, and increasing profitability. This is what sets CP&O® apart from other payroll and outsourced staffing providers in Cambodia.

Our Solutions & Services

Professional employer Organisation (PEO)

Employees are one of the most important assets for any company. We take care of your day-to-day human resources needs through a co-employment relationship and help you maintain the workforce you need to succeed. This comprehensive, full-service approach also shields our clients from unforeseen risks, liabilities, and operational hazards.

After our initial needs assessment to understand your business situation and strategic goals, our team of experts will collaborate to design a customized plan that covers the following areas and more.

• HR management
• Payroll & tax calculations 
• Employer liability management
• Talent scouting & recruiting 
• Government regulations & compliance orientation
• Worker’s benefits, compensation & safety

Payroll services

As business owners or HR Professionals, we know that payroll processing and tax reporting can be intricate tasks. Accuracy on both is the way to keep your employees’ content, your company culture thriving and your business free from penalties and fines. We make sure your employees get the right amount of salary on time and receive proper documentation every month so that they feel appreciated and motivated to work in your organization.

Our experienced local team provides managed payroll services using a localised payroll platform developed specifically for Cambodia, considering local laws and regulations.  We handle the entire payroll process and ensure accurate payroll calculation, management, and salary disbursement with the following advantages.

  • Streamlined and legally compliant payroll calculation and administration
  • Improved efficiency, transparency and accuracy
  • Reduced risk of operational disruption from government administrations
  • Enhanced employee data security and confidentiality
  • Customized payroll software and payroll reports

You also benefit from access to our broader expertise in payroll related services you’ll need as employers and employing entities in Cambodia with extensive compliance and accounting obligations.

Recruitment services

Through our sister company, MyWorld Careers, we provide first-rate recruitment services. Cambodia is a unique landscape, and MyWorld has in-depth experience and understanding of the Cambodian Market and its culture, making it the preferred choice for local and international companies to onboard the best talent. MyWorld can develop a robust pipeline of top-quality candidates for your consideration in no time and their career experts are constantly scouting local bi-lingual professionals, filtering out the best and most futureproof candidates for each role that needs to be filled in your organization.

Instead of the post-and-pray approach, we take your organization’s people, culture, leadership, and unique needs into consideration when identifying candidates to support your business goals. Therefore, our recruitment processes always come up with highly qualified potential hires for every client.

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