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Why CP&O?

Cambodia Payroll & Outsourcing (CP&O®) is part of an international group of companies specialized in providing the most efficient Payroll Outsourcing and Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services that facilitate smooth operational procedures that minimize the administrative tasks of your organization while ensuring benefits such as timely payments of salary and a high confidentiality standard.

Our founders and the management team come from the region’s best recruitment and corporate secretarial service firms, with over fourteen years of combined experience operating payroll and staffing businesses. Our team of long-serving HR & Tax professionals work closely with Cambodia Government Departments to keep your organization compliant with laws, regulations, and policies for business and employment. We also follow strict privacy procedures for confidential employee data.

Our Solutions & Services


End-to-end process of getting talent directly employed by our clients.


Complete payroll processing solution with timely checks, tax calculations and payments, and extensive reporting.


Excellent talent acquisition services provided by our sister company, MyWorld Careers.


Strategic services covering the full HR spectrum ensuring your unique needs are being met and reducing penalties associated with non-compliance.

Visa & Immigration

Immigration and work visa services for foreign professionals provided through our partnership with one of Cambodia’s top Corporate Services firms.


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Important Things You Should Know


Questions And Answers

Yes, you can. We adjust our service offerings for clients with special requests.

Not at all. We are not going to control anything related to your human resources management. Our purpose is to help you more focus on your core business while we are taking care of your payroll and statutory responsibilities to be compliant with the law.

We have experience onboarding over two hundred employees within three business days because the client was able to procure the necessary documentation. However, it is always smoother and safer to have our standard timeline of two weeks.

We have placed strict confidentiality protocols involving access codes and authentications over our clients’ data. Our employees need access cards to enter our office and only relevant payroll team members have access to the clients’ data through password protected storage.

With over fourteen years of combined experience operating a payroll & staffing business in South East Asia, our management is more than qualified to offer highly competent outsourcing services here in Cambodia.

Our client on-boarding requirements are flexible for coordinating with current vendors in exchanging information and collecting documentation. Although we cannot guarantee that our services will be a more economic option than current vendors, our service quality and customer satisfaction is well-known in the region.

No, we will make sure your outsourced employees understand all your policies and rules, and follow them accordingly. You will not have to change any.

We withhold our reputation as one of the largest staffing agencies in the region by keeping every aspect of our services compliant with the laws and regulations of the country we operate in.

An Employment Contract protects both your company’s short-term and long-term interests and employee’s employment conditions, rights, responsibilities and duties in the company and is required by law.

Our services supplied by specialists free up your valuable staff and management resources for a fixed monthly fee. You can invest more time and energy for core tasks that leads to the development of your organization.