Payroll Services


Payroll is not as simple as it sounds due to many factors, and we already know that employee payroll processing and tax reporting can be intricate tasks. We firmly believe that accurate payroll processing is one of the fundamental ways to keep your employees’ content, your company culture thriving, and it is not just about getting the amount right every time (which we also do).

With us, you can make your decisions and strategies with confidence as our experienced local team will be by your side and implementing best practices and improve experiences for your employees by using a localized payroll platform specifically developed for Cambodia in the consideration of local laws and regulations where the following and more services are covered.

  • Streamlined and legally compliant payroll calculation and administration
  • Improved efficiency, transparency and accuracy
  • Reduced risk of operational disruption from government administrations
  • Enhanced employee data security and confidentiality
  • Customized payroll software and payroll reports

We have collaborated with both international and local companies for Outsourcing Payroll Service and their growth to improve their operations. Outsourcing Payroll Service of CP&O® empowers our clients to focus on their business in Cambodia which is the win-win solution.

CP&O® supports some of the world’s largest multinational companies with our sophisticated payroll service. Our proven track record allows an extension of our clients HR successfully by promising a smooth and efficient payroll operation which achieve their employees’ satisfactory.

If your company has recently been set up in Cambodia and you desire to focus your team completely on business development or your company seeks the raise of your operations efficiency, CP&O® Outsourced Payroll Service is the best choice for you.

The Great Process

Payroll Process - CP&O