National Social Security Fund in Cambodia


National Social Security Fund (NSSF) is a social security protection for workers in the formal and informal sectors and for self-employed workers. It will cover medical and income replacement benefits in case of absence from work because of the illness, maternity.

How to register and what are the requirements?

All employers and workers of the private sector must be registered NSSF in Cambodia. To register NSSF, the employer needs to submit the certificate of incorporation which is issued by Ministry of Commerce along with form “1.01” or other equivalent legal documents.

Registration of workers need to use the Registering of Works form for apply for the NSSF membership card. Then the NSSF will determine the date for registration. The employer needs to take the responsibility for supplying the correct information and needs to submit Khmer identity card or passport, certificate of birth, family and residential book or other relevant documents. After that, NSSF will issue an identity code and the NSSF membership card to workers through representatives or the employers. If the workers lose their card or damage it, they must inform their representative or employer promptly within 30 days and it costs 2,000 riels for a replacement. Every employer must submit monthly report by 20th of the following month.

How to calculate?

The employer is required to pay the contribution for the work injury scheme at 0.8% the health care scheme at 2.6%, totaling 3.4% of the assumed wage based on the employee’s average monthly wage. The maximum salary that the NSSF contributions is calculated on is 1,200,000 Riel that is about USD 300. NSSF needs to pay in USD currency, and it is normally a maximum of USD 10.20.

Any reference to a currency exchange rate must be from the NSSF government official website.

Below is the NSSF government official website which you can also find the regional branches in the capital/provinces, a list of healthcare facilities which have signed an agreement with the health care scheme, and the list of healthcare facilities which have signed an agreement for the occupational risk scheme as well as other details.

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