Outsourced Staffing Services

Professional Employer Organisation Services (PEO) / Employer Of Record (EOR)

If you consider starting a business or expanding yours to Cambodia, you may have thought about setting up a company’s logistical and business hurdles. However, there is a more affordable, faster, and less stressful way of procuring a competent workforce in a compliant manner. We offer turnkey solutions to get our clients operational and ready to keep up with their competition within 48 hours.

While Cambodia posts its own unique challenges for business leaders, our full range of PEO services supports our clients in conducting successful operations in the country. Apart from attracting and developing talent, payroll processing, employee benefits administration, and legislative and regulatory compliance support, we also help mitigate health insurance and benefits costs for companies so that they can offer employees great benefits without burdening their HR administration and in-house HR resources. Under CP&O’s co-employment, your employees are registered with our licensed entity for tax and insurance purposes and have the flexibility to work on projects as an extension of your company.

If your organization has a head-count freeze or foreign employee quota, we can help you assemble talent that gets you the most out of your organization’s Cambodia goals.

Once fully incorporated in Cambodia, our integrated administrative human resource services efficiently manage  your business’s entire employee life cycle.

How We Do It

CP&O - PEO Services - 01

We hire, you manage. We become the Employer of Record (EOR) for your recruits for tax, compliance and insurance purposes.

CP&O - PEO Services - 02

We are your HR Department; as the experienced partner, we handle complex human resource administration and regulatory compliance for you.

CP&O - PEO Services - 03

Legal counsel; we provide assistance and solutions in the event of unforeseen HR matters, such as claims, background checks, and legislative affairs.

CP&O - PEO Services - 04

Local & global expertise; our services can accommodate both local and expatriate employees.