HR Services

HR Services

To ensure full compliance and enhanced employee retention, outsourcing has now become the preferred choice for many companies around the world. By providing the flexibility in dealing with the challenges of a changing environment, a new way of engaging talent and the emergence of remote working has been evolved.

Due to the complexities of the Cambodian Labour and Employment Law, Law of Taxation and National Social Security Fund, businesses are faced with a lot of time-consuming activities and so that this new way of outsourcing has become a trend in the majority of organizations. With CP&O®, we ensure compliance and minimize the exposure to legal risks which can lead to financial and reputational issues by speaking with government departments on a daily basis and building strong relationships.

Let us minimize the exposure of penalties associated with non-compliance through the following services:

  • Consultation and recommendation of foreign and local worker status
  • Review of all legislative documentation, employee contracts and respective registrations
  • Evaluation of compensation and benefits, salary benchmarking and organizational structure
  • Assessment of onboarding processes and administration of full- or part- time employees
  • Review of insurance policies, risk and indemnification when working on client projects, on- and off- site

By collaborating with us, you can focus on more strategic efforts to strengthen your core business or to grow your brand quickly and efficiently in Cambodia. Due to our experience in Cambodia, the CP&O® blend of international and Cambodian experts enhance the communication by using practices, services and processes which we are intimately familiar, and that has shown to produce successful outcomes.

Reach out to us and let us put together a solution for your individual situation.