Why You Should Take Care Of Your Employees

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Taking care of your employees is one of the most important things to do for your business. You used to hear the words ‘Customer First’ but now the words ‘Employee First’ have become widespread. Let me share three reasons why you should take care of your employees.

It can improve the turnover rate

People work for money to pay rent, for food, to have fun with their friends and family and also for their career. Working for money and working for their career or passion is very different. If an employee is working for money and your working environment is not a happy place for them, they will only care about the money and they are more likely to do anything for money (including leaving for higher paying job without a second thought). However, people have to spend more than 50% of their waking hours at work. So, when they have a happy and caring environment, they are much more likely to love their job and show loyalty to their work. And their productivity is also likely to increase. All of this will lead to a lower staff turnover rate.

Happy employees develop happy customers

You may often hear “take care of your employee” because they will take care of your customer or business. You will get referrals from them because they become a brand ambassador for your business. By treating your employee right, your employee will create strong connections with customers, and their happiness will be “infectious” and will develop loyal customer. Often your loyal customer will even refer your business to people they know who become customers. This chain reaction starts with happy employees.

Attracting new employees

You can get referrals for the best candidates for your vacancies from your happy employees. Your happy employee will get you some word-of-mouth recommendations that might make your organization more appealing to new employees. The best employers rarely have to advertise for most roles, because their reputation guarantees they have a steady flow of applications.

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