Why should you use PEO services?

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PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization which refers to Human Resources outsourcing covering such tasks as payroll, compensation, dealing with government and administrative tasks that needs related to your employees as well as being the Employer of Record (EOR).

What are the benefits?

You can completely focus on your main business while the PEO service provider makes sure all your administrative tasks for your employees are done. You don’t have to worry about missing up to date news from government agencies as the PEO vendor will always keep in touch with the market situation and news. The risk of missing something when dealing with unfamiliar local employment rules and regulations when entering a new country is mitigated. That’s why using PEO services can help your company to be more compliant since the PEO vendor is already familiar with local employment laws and regulations which will arise as they will be handling this on behalf of you from the beginning. This will also make your business run smoothly and will reduce time you spend on administrative tasks. You can also reduce your turnover rate and training costs. Although you hire expert employees, they will still need time to adapt to the company nature and practice. Not only can the company focus on the core business but also the employees can focus 100 percent on their main job functions. Research shows, happy employees who have enough rest time and are working happily generally are more productive than overworked and stressed employees.

What kind of services does a PEO vendor provide?

PEO vendor (we) will help you to manage your:

  • Employee onboarding and offboarding
  • Employment contract rewriting or creating with your organization’s policy ensuring it is inline with local rules and regulations
  • Employee payroll which includes salary calculation, distribution
  • Calculation and submission of National Social Security Fund (NSSF)
  • Calculation and submission of income tax
  • Issuance of pay-slips
  • Attendance, leave and expenses
  • Benefits administration such as paid time off, health insurance benefits etc.,
  • Visa, Stay Permit, and immigration etc.

Are you thinking to expand your business in Cambodia or looking for PEO services provider in Cambodia? Email us at [email protected] for more information. We offer turnkey solutions to get our clients operational and competitive within 48 hours with well-trained, experienced employees.

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