What is Employee Satisfaction and How to Measure it?


Employee Satisfaction is the happiness or contentment of your employees with their job in the work environment. Typically, employee satisfaction depends on many factors such as remuneration, organization culture, leadership, work-life balance, stress, and employee experience.

It is important to track your employee’s satisfaction in the workplace. The following employee satisfaction metric will help you to understand the level of your employee satisfaction and how to improve it.

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

The most popular employee satisfaction metric, the employee net promoter score (eNPS) , is used in many organizations. It measures employee satisfaction by the question of “How likely are you to recommend this organization as a workplace?” or “How likely are you to recommend this organization to your friend?”, the answer will be on a scale between 1 to 10.

Based on the responses, the employees can be classified into three groups as follow,

Promoters – Employees who respond above 9, this means that this employees group is satisfied with this organization.

Passives – Employees who respond between 7 and 8 indicate they are neither happy nor unhappy but neutral feeling with this environment and they won’t recommend nor bad mouth the organization either.

Detractors – Employees who respond below 6, these employees are not satisfied with this work environment and need more factors to improve their satisfaction with proper ways which match their individual needs.

Now, it is time to calculate your eNPS and analyze the result.

eNPS = % of Promoters [9s and 10s] – % of Detractors [0s through 6s]

Technically, anything above 0 is considered acceptable. However, eNPS between 10 and 30 is good, above 50 is excellent. You should start being concerned if your eNPS is lower than -10.

A well-managed payroll process is one of the key drivers for achieving employee satisfaction. An effective payroll system can cut through tedious paperwork effectively to ensure employees receive their pay on a timely basis.

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