Five HR Policies & Procedures that Every Office Should Impose


At many workplaces, various HR policies and procedures are established with the purpose of being a secure, comfortable working environment, and having equal rights in line with the local labour law for every employee without discrimination.

Today, we would like to share five essential HR Policies & Procedures which should be included in the employee handbook.

1️⃣ Code of Conduct
To align and harmonize with the standard and culture of the workplace, employers should introduce policies associated with the code of conduct including dress code, social media usage, behaviour and punctuality of employees. In addition, alcohol and drug use, harassment and bullying policies and action plans should also be written in the employee handbook for the safety and security of the workplace.

2️⃣ Working Hours and Overtime Pay
Generally, working hours and overtime policies must go along with the local labour law rules and regulations. Daily working hours, lunch break time, overtime and also the allowed limit of working hours for a week, and overtime calculation policies and procedures should be precisely written and informed to every employee of the organization.

3️⃣ Performance Evaluation and Promotion Policy
Performance evaluation and rewarding, promotion and salary increment policies based on employee aptitude, should be clearly declared during the onboarding process. Moreover, anti-nepotism policies are suggested to make sure every employee has fair and equal rights to achieve success in an individual role.

4️⃣ Benefits and Compensation Policy
The date of salary payment, way of salary disbursement (Cash/ Bank Transfer), benefits packages (Transportation/ Insurance), commission, bonus and other allowance policies and procedures to claim benefits and reimbursement should be set down in the employee handbook.

5️⃣ Leave Policy
There are mandatory leave benefits according to local labour law. Types of leave (Annual leave, medical leave, etc…), the procedure of leave request, non-continuous leave types and notice period to request leave and other policies are crucial elements of the employee handbook for all kinds of business.

HR policies and procedures are different from one company to another based on the nature and requirements of the business, headcount and other aspects. We strongly suggest imposing these five HR policies and procedures for workplace safety and security, employee well-being and a comfortable environment with great culture for everyone.

Thant Zin

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